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FAQs of Commercial Tree Care

February 9th, 2022

Trees and shrubs can enhance the appearance of your commercial property. If you own a commercial property, you probably lack the time to invest in your landscape. TreeJob.com offers commercial tree care guided by an arborist to help you achieve a healthy and beautiful landscape. Although we may not directly implement the plans, we can help you plan the best trees and shrubs for your property that will increase your curb appeal.

Why is Tree Planning Important?—In the same way that you plan for the long-term success of your business, you must plan for the long-term success of your property. Without careful planning, you could end up with trees that overgrow the space and become a safety hazard. Also, an overcrowding green space can cause your plants to compete for resources and choke each other out. A careful design will help you account for the growth of your plants long-term. As part of our commercial tree care, our tree advisors will help you map out the right types of plants and trees for your green space.

How Do I Choose the Most Suitable Plants or Trees?—Ideally, you choose them with the direct guidance of a tree advisor. If you are trying to find the right fit, consider the climate and conditions. Different plants and trees have different needs in terms of sun, shade, and nutrients. They also can vary in temperature tolerance. If your property has a lot of direct sun in front of your building, you should only use trees and plants that thrive in direct sun. When you ignore these concerns, you will waste your resources on plants that will not survive, and your landscape will not be maximized.

Why is Commercial Tree Care Important?—People have checkups to ensure they are healthy and catch problems early on. Early diagnosis for many health conditions can determine the success of the treatment and limit the expense in some cases. Tree checkups are for the same purpose. Being proactive with tree care can help your trees reach their healthy potential and identify any concerns before they can progress further. Additionally, diseased or damaged trees become dangerous to your property, your staff, and your visitors. An unhealthy tree will be more likely to fall, drop branches, or encourage pests. Preventative commercial tree care will be more affordable than tree removal and/or paying for any damages from the tree falling.

Does Commercial Tree Care Include Tree Removal?—Tree removal is a service we offer for commercial properties. Although tree removal is not ideal, it is necessary when the tree could endanger your people and your property. Our team is licensed and trained to perform tree removals safely. We clean up the green waste afterward to help restore your company’s curb appeal.

If you have any other questions about commercial tree care, our team is standing by to help. TreeJob.com can help you maximize the health and appearance of your landscape!

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