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How to Winterize Your Lawn 

December 1st, 2021

A beautiful spring yard starts now. Winterizing your yard now will set your trees up for a bountiful growing season. Our tree experts at TreeJob.com have compiled a guide to help you winterize properly.

  •       Prune Carefully—Now is an ideal time to prune because your trees have time to recover before the cold winter weather hits. Pruning is an important practice for trees as it helps stimulate growth and minimizes the chance of damage during winter storms. If you are unsure on how to properly prune, call in the professionals to ensure that your trees are trimmed without causing damage to their structure.
  •       Get the Soil Ready—The roots are responsible for delivering key nutrients, water, and air to your tree. You need to make sure that the roots have access to the vital elements your tree will need to flourish, especially during the dormant season ahead. Lack of water can be a problem for the soil during winter, so make sure to keep watering until the start of the hard frost. You can feed your soil with fertilizer to compensate for any deficiencies. Adding a layer of mulch like a warm blanket will help seal in the nutrients. Mulch is only beneficial in moderation, so never lay it thicker than 3 inches deep and leave a donut shaped hole around the base of your tree. Mulch around the base of a tree can encourage pests, disease, or fungus.
  •       Check for Evidence of Pests—Although chemicals should be used carefully and sparingly, if you see evidence of pests chewing on your trees, you need to address the problem right away. Many pests can find their way to your trees during the summer and stick around through the warm days of fall. By winter, they could do significant damage and make your tree vulnerable going into the cold season. If you need support, our trained team is standing by. 

If you need professional help winterizing your yard, our crew at TreeJob.com can help. We can do a general health assessment of your yard and make personalized recommendations to help your trees maximize their health and beauty this spring.

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