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Managing Insurance Claims

March 1st, 2021

A fallen tree creates a lot of hassles to manage. You will need a tree service to remove the tree and then you may need to hire a contractor to repair your home. During all of that, you will need to file a claim with your insurance. Depending on your coverage, the insurance may pay for your tree removal and home repairs. Our TreeJob crew has witnessed many tree emergencies firsthand, so we are happy to help you navigate the insurance process. We want you to get the best possible outcome and compensation. If you have a tree emergency, TreeJob is standing by to help with the removal and the insurance afterwards.

  •       Understand Your Coverage—Every homeowners policy is a little different so make sure that you understand the confines of your policy. For example, some policies will cover a tree if it falls based upon weather or an uncontrollable circumstance, but they will not cover a diseased or dead tree falling. This can be a strong argument for utilizing an arborist for maintaining your yard’s health. Preventable tree falling is not always covered. Your policy may cover the tree removal and repairs to any affected structures, such as your home, garage, shed, or even a fence. Even if the tree fell from your neighbor’s yard, you may still be covered. Be aware that your coverage may still be subject to your deductible. Call your insurance and ask for the specifics of your policy.
  •       Make Your Claim—Recording the details can be beneficial when you are making your claim. Take pictures of the damage and take note of any relevant details. After we have removed the tree from your home, we can directly work with your insurance to advocate for your compensation. We will provide all the documentation needed by your insurance to verify the extent of the damage. With our years of experience, we are comfortable working with a variety of insurance companies, and we are knowledgeable about the process.
  •       Consult with Our Team for Help—After you have completed the ordeal with your fallen tree and insurance, you will likely be concerned about other potentially risky trees. Being proactive with tree care can prevent many tree emergencies. After your evaluation, we will consult with you and we can make a plan for mitigating tree risks and ensuring the safety of your yard.

Having a tree fall on your home or property is a scary circumstance. Whether you need a tree removed, support with your insurance claim, or preventative tree care, reach out to TreeJob if you need help!

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