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Navigating Insurance Claims

When a tree falls, there can be significant damage to your home, car, garage, and property. Regardless of whether the tree falls because of its condition or a storm, your homeowners insurance policy may cover it. If the tree damages your home, deck, garage, fence, etc. or blocks your driveway, you should call your insurance to file a claim. In our years of service, TreeJob has helped many homeowners achieve their best compensation. If you have a fallen tree, follow these important steps first:

  • Prioritize Your Safety First—Get your family and leave your home as quickly as possible. Until you know that your home has not sustained structural damage, being cautious and staying out of the house is wise. Once you are safe, alert appropriate emergency services as needed. If your home is on fire or a power line is down, this is absolutely a time for emergency help.
  • Call Your Insurance Provider—When you are safe, contact your insurance company to start filing a claim. More than likely, you will be encouraged to hire a licensed tree service to extract the tree. Once the tree and debris have been cleared, your insurance can send an assessor to determine the damage and how much the repairs should cost.
  • Call TreeJob—We can safely remove the tree so no further damage will occur on your property. We are licensed, certified, and experienced so you can feel confident to entrust us with the task. Our team will focus on preservation of property because that is the most important thing to your insurance after your personal safety of course. You do not have to face the insurance company on your own. We will help guide you through the whole process.

Insider Tips:

We have worked with insurance companies over countless tree emergencies, so we are happy to share our experiences.

  • Multiple Bids—Some insurance providers will strongly encourage you to get multiple bids for your tree work as well as your contractors for the repairs. In most cases, this is not actually mandatory. When a tree is on your home, you need a fast solution. Having to get a bunch of bids may be especially challenging if your area has undergone widespread storm damage. If you find a good reputable service which fits your needs, your insurance company will be unlikely to force you to look further.
  • Vehicle Coverage—If the fallen tree has not impacted your home or property other than hitting your car, your insurance claim should be filed with auto insurance instead. If the tree hit your home and car, start with your homeowners insurance provider first.
  • Payment—Choose a service that will supply all the needed documentation for insurance when you pay them. You should not have to chase down a company to get what your insurance needs to process the claim. The TreeJob team is very familiar with insurance company policies so we will provide everything you will need and help you navigate the claim if needed. 
  • Insurance Coverage—Before you hire a contractor, make sure that they have liability coverage and workers compensation. TreeJob has this coverage for our crew. If you need assistance finding contractors for the repair work who are also covered properly, let us know. We are happy to help!

Being proactive with your tree maintenance can prevent some tree emergencies. If you are interested in having your yard evaluated for potential risks, our team will be happy to help. We can determine which trees may need to be maintained or removed for the safety of your family.

If you have a fallen tree on your home right now, get to safety, call your insurance, and then give TreeJob a call! We will dispatch quickly to help with your tree emergency and advise you on managing your insurance claims for the best results. 

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