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Oh, Christmas Tree

December 2nd, 2020

Whether the tree is artificial or real,  a Christmas tree is the focal point of many families’ decorating. The American Christmas Tree Association conducted a study in 2018 and found that 82% of Christmas trees displayed throughout America were artificial. There are certainly benefits to artificial trees, but the natural beauty and smell of a real tree are hard to beat. The TreeJob team loves trees of all types (including fake ones), so we want to help you get to know the magic behind the branches.

A Super Short History of Christmas Trees:

The roots of the Christmas tree stretch back to Germany in the 16th century. At that time, Christians decorated trees with candles in their homes. The candles are believed to be credited to Martin Luther, a Protestant Reformer. He was inspired to use candles by the stars lighting up the sky at night. As German settlers traveled to our country, they brought the tradition of the tree with them. The practice of putting up a Christmas tree managed to spread throughout America by 1890. People were even having ornaments imported from Germany. At the start, many Americans made their own ornaments, using things like nuts, popcorn, and fruit. Most people these days utilize modern lights (much less likely to catch a fire than candles) and have moved away from homemade ornaments. The Christmas tree has become an integral part of most American homes at Christmas time now.

Choosing Your Christmas Tree:

There are many varieties of appropriate trees depending on your needs and desired look. Our tree experts at TreeJob compiled a list of the most popular types and their benefits to guide your process:

  •       The Beautiful Balsam Fir

The Balsam fir has a traditional and attractive shape. Beyond the aesthetic beauty, the Balsam is also incredibly fragrant, making your home smell festive throughout the season. The downside of the Balsam is that you cannot get behind on watering it. The Balsam can dry out quite quickly when not watered regularly. If you choose the Balsam, water it consistently to avoid it dropping needles before the holidays are over.

  •       The Distinctive Douglas Fir

The cone shape of a Douglas fir is distinct. This tree is full bodied and looks luscious set up inside of a home. The branches are delicate, so do not attempt to place heavy ornaments on your Douglas fir. If you have a large space to fill, the Douglas fir is a great choice.

  •       The Faithful Frasier Fir

The Frasier fir is the tree you can depend on. Not only will the tree last a long time, but it can also handle the weight of heavy ornaments. Your Frasier fir could look beautiful and hold onto its needles for up to 6 weeks. The Frasier has a dark hue with silvery undertones, which will look festive with your holiday decor. Although not as fragrant as the Balsam, the Frasier is the second most fragrant.

  •       The Affordable Artificial

A fake tree may not have quite the same aroma and beauty as a real tree, but the artificial varieties still can look magical decorated. The practical benefits of artificial trees are quite strong. They are affordable for your wallet since you can reuse them each year. Also, they conserve your time. You never have to worry about watering them and many are pre-lit, so you do not have to detangle lights and restring them each year. Unfortunately, you do sacrifice that fresh tree smell, but you could buy some tree scented air freshener to try and get a bit of that tree smell.

As tree enthusiasts, we understand those who want to marvel at the beauty of a real tree in their home as well as those who would prefer to go for a fake and leave a tree alive and thriving. Regardless of what tree you choose this season, you are still appreciating trees and their beauty as you make magical memories with your loved ones. Merry Christmas from our TreeJob family! We wish a warm and wonderful holiday season to you and yours!


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