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Prep Your Trees for Summer Heat

May 10th, 2021

Georgia summers can be harsh and unrelenting. Your trees must endure consistently hot temperatures, reaching well over 100 degrees. Since they cannot come in and get a break  in the A/C like you, prepare your trees with these tips from our tree professionals at TreeJob.

  •       Hydrate Your Trees—Water your trees deeply to ensure that your roots get all the water they need. Ideally, do your watering in the morning. This helps manage the evaporation throughout the day. You can use a soil probe to determine your soil’s saturation level or water for at least 30 minutes.
  •       Apply Mulch—Mulch provides a protective barrier for your soil. The impact of the intense UV rays is minimized, and your soil will be less likely to dry up. Apply the mulch in a layer no more than 3 inches deep in a 3-6 foot diameter around your tree. Leave a donut shaped hoe around your tree so mulch cannot pile up on the tree trunk. Mulch around a tree base can encourage rot, disease, and pests.
  •       Trim Carefully—Over pruning can be dangerous for your trees during summer, so trim appropriately. Your trees need leaves for photosynthesis and to protect themselves from the brutal heat. Basically, reduce the overall foliage equally around the tree. Do not remove more than 25% of the total foliage though. Think of this like a simple hair trim, not a buzz cut.
  •       Schedule a Checkup with TreeJob—The summer is a hard season for trees in terms of temperature and pest problems. By scheduling a visit with our arborist, also known as a tree doctor, we can diagnose any problems in your yard and resolve them before they get worse. Being proactive with your tree care can truly maximize your trees’ health.

Call TreeJob if you need help protecting your trees and beating the heat! Our team will prepare your trees for summer with the best arboricultural practices, while you wait comfortably inside. 

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