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Storm Damage Prevention

Storms are a major concern for many of us here in the South, especially in the summer. When dark clouds gather, and winds pick up, our safety and property can cause worry. Thankfully, the likelihood of storm damage can be controlled by following these simple recommendations.

  1. Clean out your gutters. Even though it may not be your favorite chore, it is very important. The buildup of leaves and dirt can turn soggy and cause water damage to your home. While doing this, also be sure to check your home’s foundation. Cracks and gaps in the foundation can allow water to get inside your home easily.
  2. Once a year, have your roof inspected and properly prepared for storm season. A little preparation goes a long way in protecting your home and property.
  3. Secure outdoor furniture and other items. Anything left outside can pose a threat when swept up by strong winds. Though it will require proactive thinking, packing furniture before a storm can prevent these items from becoming high-speed hazards that can severely damage your home.  
  4. Prepare the inside of your house. Make sure tall furniture pieces, such as bookshelves or cabinets, are stable and properly anchored to prevent them from possibly toppling over during a bad storm. Unplug electronics and other appliances to prevent the systems from getting fried.
  5. Finally, be aware of weather conditions: watch outside, get weather alerts on your phone or radio, and listen to warnings from your community news outlets and public safety officials to ensure you are prepared when a storm hits.

Storms can be daunting because they are unpredictable, loud, and capable of causing mass destruction. Let the professionals at TreeJob help you ensure your home is ready for whatever may come. Contact us at info@treejob.com or 770-873-3562 for all your emergency tree services in Atlanta, GA!


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