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The Benefits of a Tree Advisor Consultation

Trees can offer both a pleasing aesthetic touch to your yard and practical perks like shade. Did you know that a tree’s condition is constantly changing? Over time, trees can become weak and not able to withstand weather patterns or environmental conditions. Fortunately, a tree advisor can help mitigate risk and preserve your tree’s health. If you’re considering whether to invest in this service, take a look at these potential benefits of getting a tree advisor consultation:

Determine Risk 

Yes, that tree that’s always been in your yard could be as dangerous as it is attractive to look at. If your tree has developed a weak root system or its branches touch your home, severe weather could send the tree onto your house or other valuable property — like your car. A tree advisor consultation allows a professional to assess the risk of the trees on your property to determine if they pose a threat to your home and if removal is necessary. 

Ensure the Health of Your Tree 

Do you have a tree in your front or backyard that has always been there, and you want to keep it? During a tree advisor consultation, a certified arborist can determine your tree’s health and make recommendations to preserve it for many years to come. A skilled arborist can diagnose any disease and even provide suggestions if they see a potential problem. These solutions range from spreading a particular type of mulch or ensuring the tree receives the right amount of water. 

Conduct a Safe Tree Removal 

Unfortunately, there are times when trees need to be removed, and you need a skilled professional team to manage the process. A tree advisor consultation can provide options for tree removal. For example, let’s say you don’t want a lot of disturbance to your yard. 

A tree removal team may suggest using either a bobcat or a crane to aid in tree removal to ensure minimal impact to your yard. If you have certain expectations for how you want your yard to look after tree removal, then these can be conveyed during the consultation process so that the tree removal specialist can conduct the services you need. 

Understand the Cost of a Potential Tree Removal 

Before you agree to a tree preservation or removal process, it helps to have an idea of what the cost is. For example, at TreeJob.com, we offer various tiers of our services. Our most cost-effective option allows for tree removal by cut and drop, and debris is left where it falls. 

Pricing increases according to your project desires. Our most expensive option ensures minimal landscape impact and that debris is moved and processed elsewhere. Depending on your budget and environmental preference, you have options, and a tree advisor consultation can help with this. 

We understand that tree removal and preservation processes can be complex. However, our team is ready to assess your needs and provide options that work! If you need a tree advisor consultation; reach out to start the process today. 


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