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Tree Trimming: When and What to Trim

Tree trimming is a maintenance practice which benefits the tree and the homeowner. Untrimmed trees can overgrow their space and become a danger to your home or yard. Our tree experts at TreeJob can help you properly care for all your trees following the best arboricultural practices. Your trees will be healthy, and your family will be safe when you choose to trim.

Benefits of Tree Trimming

  • Improves the Health of Your Trees
  • Helps Your Trees Get Better Sunlight
  • Finds Signs of Disease
  • Protects Your Home
  • Increases Productivity
  • Maximizes the Appearance of Your Trees
  • Gives Your Tree Better Balance
  • Makes Your Home Seem Well-Maintained
  • Prevent Expensive Damage From Fallen Limbs

FAQS of Tree Trimming

Why Should Trees Be Trimmed?

Pruning trees removes dead, damaged, or diseased branches. Also, it can combat infestations in your tree. Untrimmed trees can more easily drop branches which cause damage to your home or yard.

When Should Trees Be Trimmed?

Pruning can happen pretty much year-round, but each tree can have different needs. In many cases, trimming in the fall is avoided because the trees will not be as strong going into winter with open wounds from trimming. However, untrimmed trees can be problematic during winter if not trimmed previously. The best course of action is to consult a tree expert, like our arborists at TreeJob. We can direct you in the ideal plan for your specific trees.

Why Should Trees Be Trimmed Professionally?

Tree trimming should be done properly so your tree will not be damaged. No branches should be cut without a clear reason. We only trim the essential branches and always in a way which will improve the tree’s health. Arborists are basically tree doctors, working tirelessly to maintain your tree’s optimal health. During our consultation, we can give you a clear maintenance plan for all your trees.

Dos and Do Nots:

  • Do NOT Allow Anyone to Top Your Trees—The practice of removing the tops off your trees is very damaging to your trees. Even if the tree does not fit well in your space, topping is a bad plan.
  • Do Inspect Your Trees Annually for Pruning—We can perform an annual inspection for you to ensure that all your trees are optimally trimmed.
  • Do Trim Your Trees Regularly—Regular trimming will keep your trees healthy, well-maintained, and safe. When you trim regularly, you will not have to trim back large limbs and leave your tree with significant wounds to recover from. Also, large branches left untrimmed are a greater risk if they fall.
  • Do NOT Trim More Than 30% of a Tree’s Live Tissue in One Season—Every trim made on a tree is a wound to recover from. Even if only one branch is trimmed but it had 30% of the trees’ leaves, that counts. Trimming excessively is damaging to your tree’s long-term health.
  • Do Hire a Professional—Allowing a professional to trim your trees makes sense. We have the training and equipment to complete the job in the best way for your trees.

If you are interested in expert advice on tree trimming, contact TreeJob for a consultation. We are happy to help you maximize the health and appearance of your trees.

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