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What are the Benefits of a Tree Trimming Service?

Tree trimming is a vital part of tree maintenance. Your trees will look better and healthier as a result of proper trimming. At TreeJob, our team provides professional tree trimming services led by a certified arborist. Trimming your tree should be done carefully because improper pruning can lead to more significant health problems for your trees. 

Great Reasons to Trim Trees

  • Help your trees get proper sunlight–Trees need sunlight so photosynthesis can occur. Photosynthesis is crucial for trees because they absorb light and convert it into chemical energy, which eventually fuels the plant’s nutrition and releases oxygen into the air. Trimming back your trees will ensure that your trees get the sunlight and airflow needed to thrive. 
  • Identify disease–The trimming process can help you spot your tree’s health issues before they progress further. If you have a dead or diseased branch, trimming it away could halt the disease and prevent your tree from wasting nutrients. Tree diseases are easier to treat when caught early before spreading throughout the tree and your yard. 
  • Control pests–Pests thrive in overgrown yards. When your trees and yard are not maintained, the population can become out of control and damage your plants. Also, pests can easily get onto your roof and into your home when trees are overgrown near your home. Trimming your trees will help discourage pests from hurting your yard and invading your home.
  • Protect your home–Beyond the pest problem, overgrown trees near your home are a greater fall risk. When a storm hits, large branches can fall from your trees and cause damage. When your trees are trimmed away from your home and balanced properly, they are less likely to be a safety hazard for your family. 
  • Boost tree health–Your tree circulates nutrients throughout all of the branches. They are still pulling resources if you have dead, unproductive, or unnecessary branches. When you trim away the excess branches, your healthiest branches will receive the valuable nutrients needed to thrive.
  • Balance your trees–Trees do not always naturally grow in a balanced way. Trees with structural problems are more likely to drop branches or fall. An out-of-balance tree will have a harder time reaching its full, healthy lifespan. Trimming the tree will improve its appearance, but it will also help keep it healthy and stable. 

Why Hire a Professional

  • Safety–Since trees can be extremely heavy, they can cause significant damage. If you cut the tree the wrong way, you could hurt yourself or damage your home. Tree professionals undergo training and certification to be prepared to handle the risks safely. Your safety is not worth saving a few bucks on tree trimming.
  • Equipment–Professional tree trimming services utilize specialized equipment to complete each job properly and safely. Heavy-duty tree equipment is not something most homeowners will have sitting in their garage. Hiring a professional makes more sense than investing in the right equipment.
  • Expertise–Tree trimming is not a random process. You have to choose the right branches to trim. Improper trimming can stunt the growth of your tree or open it up to disease. A professional service follows the guidance of arborists and national arboricultural standards to ensure that the trimming will not harm the tree. 

If you need help trimming your trees, reach out to TreeJob. Since a certified arborist leads our professional team, your trees will receive the best care possible.

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