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What to Do if a Storm Damaged your Tree

Whether you have a tree that was hit by lightning or endured a windstorm, a storm damaged tree can be dangerous for your home and family. Unless you are a tree expert, you may have difficulty discerning whether a tree is a liability. Calling in a professional is the best plan. Our team at TreeJob is experienced with assessing tree risk and can make recommendations to keep you safe. If your trees have just been through a storm, follow these steps to prioritize your safety.

  •       Look for Signs of Dangerous Damage—Even if your tree survived the storm, that does not mean that it may not fall later or drop branches. Watch out for the signs of storm damage, such as leaning, hanging branches, damaged treetops, tree trunk damage, roots uprooting, or split tree branches. If you see any of these signs, call TreeJob now. Your safety may still be in question. Because trees are so heavy and dangerous, please do not try to fix your storm damaged tree situation DIY style. We are professionals with the right equipment to handle your storm damaged trees safely for your home and your family.
  •       Put a Stop to Tree Topping—Tree topping will cause permanent damage to your tree and make it more vulnerable during the next storm. When a tree is topped, the tree grows back weaker than before. If the top of your tree is less than 50% damaged, your tree may still survive. A tree with over 50% of its top damaged will be unlikely to survive. You should prepare yourself for a tree removal. Tree removal is always a last step for us. We will try every viable solution to save your tree first.
  •       If You are Set on DIY, Only Prune Small Branches—When in doubt, do not do anything. If you have a few small broken branches on your damaged tree that you can prune safely, go ahead. Do not try to handle any large ones though. You could hurt yourself or damage your home by removing branches improperly.
  •       Inspect Tree Splits—Although tree splits look ominous, trees with minor ones may recover without intervention. Severe splits or splits on the tree trunk will require professional help. Your tree may still be able to be saved, but not without a tree doctor’s help. If you are unsure about the seriousness of your split, give us a call for a professional assessment.
  •       Entrust your Damaged Trees to a Licensed and Certified Tree Service—Trees can cause significant damage to your home or property if mismanaged by a tree service. Choosing a licensed and certified service ensures that your tree service has the equipment, training, and expertise needed to complete the work safely for you and your property. The TreeJob team has a strong track record for professional care. We have all the right credentials and experience to give you peace of mind.

When storms come, TreeJob will be there for you. Call us 24/7!


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