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When a Disaster Hits

August 3rd, 2021

Trees add value and natural beauty to your yard. Unfortunately, your trees can become very dangerous during a natural disaster. A tree falling on your home or vehicle can inflict serious damage and endanger your family. Before you start cutting down all your trees, find out safe ways to manage your trees from our arborists. If the storm has already hit, give our TreeJob team a call! We offer disaster relief cleanup services to restore your safety and get your yard back under control.

Whether the disaster was a tornado, hurricane, wind, or lightning storm, your trees could be knocked down endangering your property. We are familiar with managing any sort of storm you may be facing. Follow these steps if you are in the middle of a natural storm.

  •       Get Your Family to a Safe Spot—If a tree is preventing you from leaving home, try to find a safe place in your home where further damage will not impact you. If you can safely exit your home, do so. If a tree fell on your house, your home’s structural integrity could be compromised more so than you realize. Do not waste time grabbing valuables other than your phone, wallet, and insurance card. Your safety is the most important concern, and your possessions will likely be fine anyways.
  •       Call 911—Even if no one has been harmed, give 911 a call to have them send someone out to evaluate the situation. Most likely, they will send their fire crew out to check for fire or electrical concerns.
  •       Call TreeJob—We are standing by 24/7 if you have an emergency! Whether you have a tree that you believe is a fall risk or have a tree on your home, you need the expertise of an arborist. We can give you guidance about your next steps to safeguard your family and property. If tree removal is needed, our team has the necessary equipment, including heavy duty grappling trucks, to safely remove trees and green waste from your home and yard. We can also help you prepare your insurance claim to achieve the best outcome possible. Watch out for fly by night tree companies. There are companies that are not properly insured that will travel to storm damaged areas and offer their services at high rates. They are trying to take advantage of your situation, so stick with a company like TreeJob that has mitigated thousands of insurance claims and understands the process of navigating through your policy’s verbiage.
  •     Submit A Claim—Call your insurance company to begin the processing of covering damages. Our team is also ready and willing to work with your insurance company to help you restore what was lost. 
  •       Explore Your Repair Options—Once you know the extent of your damage, you can find contractors to make your repairs. If you must stay away from your home during this time, make sure to secure the doors and windows of your home to avoid looting.

Our Natural Disaster Cleanup Service includes:

  •       Removing Dangerous Trees
  •       Pruning or Trimming Remaining Trees
  •       Collecting and Disposing of Green Waste

We handle the whole cleanup, so you can rest and recover from the frightening storm encounter. Your yard will be safe and tidy promptly.

Being proactive with tree maintenance can minimize possible damage if a natural disaster occurs. If you are interested in having your trees assessed for fall risk and trimmed away from your home, TreeJob is happy to help! If you have an emergency, call TreeJob for help 24/7!

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