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When Professional Tree Removal Services are Needed

Trees can add aesthetic and practical benefit to your yard. However, not all trees are helpful for your yard. If a tree is old, diseased, damaged, or growing too close to your home, your family’s safety may be a concern. Before you decide to remove a tree DIY style, you should consider the dangers. Trees are large and powerful so they can be difficult to control without the right equipment and expertise. The team at TreeJob can help you remove a problematic tree without risking your safety or your home’s integrity. We only recommend removal of a tree if that is the last resort or it is a danger to you or your home. Below we have compiled a list of the times where professional removal may be advised:

  • A Tree is Causing Debris to Collect on Your Roof—A roof is one of the greatest expenses for a homeowner. You need to make sure that your roof lasts for its full lifespan to maximize your investment. If a tree is overhanging your roof, this needs to be addressed by a professional immediately. Trimming overhanging branches may be possible instead of removal. We can help you explore the risks to determine if leaving the tree is wise. A tree falling on your roof can be extremely dangerous for your family and damaging to your roof so removal may be the more conservative option.
  • A Tree is Leaning—A slight lean in a tree is probably okay, but if the lean is significant and in the direction of your home, removal is a wise call. A leaning tree can become a falling tree very easily.
  • A Tree is Too Close to Your Power Lines—In some cases, trimming a tree back may be possible, but if a tree is endangering your lines, you should have it professionally removed. Not only could the tree falling be dangerous, you will also experience the inconvenience of lost power.
  • A Tree is Damaged—Whether from recent construction or bad weather, if your tree has been damaged significantly, you should consider removal. Small damage or damage from herbicides can usually be healed, but larger scale damage of 50% or more of the tree is probably irreversible. We can evaluate your damaged tree to determine if removal is the only safe path to take.
  • A Tree is Unhealthy or Dead—Diseased or dead trees can cause damage to your property. Sickly trees can welcome pests and diseases, which could spread beyond the one tree. Dead trees will eventually fall so it is better to have them professionally removed before this can happen. Our tree experts can help you evaluate your trees and recommend a wise course of action. Removal is always the last resort if the problem cannot be remedied otherwise.
  • A Tree is Undesirable—Not all varieties of trees are good for your yard. There are some tree types which will negatively impact the health of your other trees and plants. Also, there are tree varieties which drop debris and branches easily. Certain tree types can also be more prone to disease or pest infestation. We can help you remove the undesirable tree before it can wreak havoc on the rest of your yard. The following tree varieties fit the undesirable category: Siberian Elm, Black Locust, Willow, Poplar, Mimosa, Norway Maple, Tree of Heaven, Boxelder, and Mulberry

Tree removal is best left to the professionals since fallen trees can cause significant damage to you and your home. Choose TreeJob for your professional tree removal. We will remove the tree without causing any damage to your home or landscape. If you are ready to have a tree removed, reach out to TreeJob today!

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