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When to Call an Arborist

Many Southern houses feature expansive yards and lots of trees. Trees are not only aesthetically appealing, but they also offer comforting shade, aesthetic appeal, soothing sounds when the wind blows through them, and many other benefits. For starters, they help clean the air of pollutants, provide shelter for wildlife, and even filter the water in underground aquifers and waterways. A Nature Conservatory scientist, Robert McDonald, discovered that trees could even boost our mental health. With so many admirable benefits, we should be grateful for trees and take care of them. Trees, like people, sometimes have health problems, and it’s essential to know when to call an arborist to check on them. They will evaluate the condition of your trees, deciding whether they can save them or if they’re beyond help and need to be removed or left to die naturally.

A simple inspection will tell you a lot about the health of your trees. To start, check all the sides of your tree from afar and up close. Next, make sure there are no cuts or peeling bark. Finally, make sure the tree’s crown is free of dead wood and brown leaves. If you see any of these warning signs, consider having an arborist further inspect your tree. Here are some other signs that you should call an arborist immediately:

  • Leaning Trees

A slight lean won’t cause any harm, but if the roots have become exposed or the surrounding dirt heaves or cracks, it’s time to call an arborist. 

  • Several Trunks

Full-grown trees with multiple trunks that are U- or V-shaped are in danger of splitting. The points of connection to the trunk are weak and can easily split with age or when storms come. 

  • Construction Around Trees

Disruptions due to construction can be tough on tree systems. Adding driveways, digging up utility lines, or adding-on to your house puts stress on nearby trees. Call an arborist if you see damaged bark, early autumn color, mushrooms around the trees’ base, decreased foliage, or carpenter ants.

Trees serve many purposes, and it’s important to monitor their health and decide if they can be saved, left to nature, or safely removed and disposed of. For all your arborist needs in Atlanta, GA, contact us today at 770-873-3562!

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