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Tree Pruning v. Tree Trimming

Do you know the difference between tree pruning and tree trimming? Although they both involve cutting trees, they have different purposes and methods. The TreeJob.com team is experienced with both tree trimming and tree pruning. If you are wondering when to use tree pruning vs trimming, we would be happy to provide support.

What is Tree Trimming?

The purpose of tree trimming is primarily aesthetic. If a tree or shrub is overgrowing your house, tree trimming will improve the look of your plants and home. Beyond the appearance, a properly trimmed tree or shrub will be well balanced, which avoids putting a strain on one part of the plant or spreading resources unevenly. Trees tend to be unwieldy and unbalanced if not properly trimmed and maintained. Overgrown trees often need their branches thinned to ensure the tree can access nutrients, light, and moisture. Part of trimming is also removing little shoots from trees that are not going to grow into anything productive. If you leave these shoots, your tree will waste resources and energy trying to grow the shoots. Tree trimming should be done carefully to avoid damaging the tree. Typically, trimming is only necessary 1-2 times per year, depending on your trees and your preferences.

What is Tree Pruning?

Tree pruning does help the appearance of your tree long-term as well, but the purpose of pruning is to promote future growth and health. Proper pruning removes dead, diseased, loose, or damaged branches, which helps discourage pests, avoid sickness, and promote long-term health. Pruning can help set your tree up to produce fruit/flowers and flourish in the spring if done correctly, but improper pruning can lead to stunted growth, pests, disease, or even tree death. Should you hire a professional? We will always advise that when it comes to pruning. An untrained eye will not be as tuned into which branches need to be pruned and which ones should be left alone. The health of your tree really is at stake when pruning. Our team has the guidance of an arborist, so you can feel confident that your trees will be pruned properly. Pruning is completed at strategic times of year to ensure that the tree has time to heal appropriately. Spring-flowering trees are often pruned after the blooming cycle in later summer or early fall. Summer-flowering or fruit trees are generally pruned during late winter or in the spring. Each type of tree has different care needs, so our team caters to our pruning schedules accordingly.

If you need further support, reach out to our TreeJob.com team!

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